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Military dispatched to BC to cleanup and rebuild- Photo from CBC

The Military has been deployed in B.C. as vital roads and railways continue to remain closed

Over a hundred soldiers arrived yesterday in the Lower Mainland of B.C to support relief efforts. Rising floodwaters in the Frasier Valley have displaced thousands of people and left the city unrecognizable.
CN rail has posted a statement saying crews are continuing to work diligently and safely to clean and repair multiple sites affected by the heavy rainfall but will no longer be accepting originating container traffic through the Vancouver Intermodal Terminal for any destination.

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada released a statement notifying that Highway 1 has partially re-opened during daytime hours to a single lane with alternating traffic. It will be closed overnight, from 21:00 EST to 09:00 EST for maintenance operations. Highway 3 remains closed east of Hope. However, it is estimated that it could be repaired by 21 Nov. Highway 11, Highway 5 from Hope to Merrit, Highway 8 and Highway 99 from Pemberton to Lillooet are all closed at the present time. Highway 7 has re-opened for single lane alternating traffic deemed essential. It is estimated that it will take approximately five days before there is a resumption of traffic flow to the Lower Mainland, likely via Highway 3.”

Further updates to be provided as they become available.


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