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Typhoon Mangkgut path

Super Typhoon Mangkhut Set To Hit Hong Kong By Sunday

The Hong Kong Observatory has upgraded the wind speed of Super Typhoon Mangkhut to the highest level on the Beaufort Scale – meaning it currently has hurricane force winds.

The Observatory initially estimated that the highest offshore wind speed could be at level 11, but upgraded it to level 12 on Friday, meaning that the speed could exceed 118 kilometers per hour.

China’s Ministry of Emergency Management said on Friday night that it had mobilized more than 20,000 firefighters, nearly 600 rescue boats and 113 drones in Guangdong and Hainan provinces alone, while Guangxi and Yunnan had nearly 600 rescue workers on standby.

Earlier in the day, the China Meteorological Administration raised its storm alert twice, first to yellow and then orange, the second-highest level on its four-tier warning system, as Mangkhut moved into the South China Sea and picked up speed.

KWE recommends customers to confirm facilities holding their product in the area that will be impacted to have alternate plans for secure staging location outside the of the storms’s path.

Airlines are indicating that scheduled flights to Hong Kong on Sunday will likely be rearranged. WWCB will continue to send update on the developments of Typhoon Mangkhut and also make it available online

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