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Evergreen Ship blocking Suez Canal-BBC story

Suez Canal blocked by grounded container ship

Evergreen has provided this official message.

Evergreen Marine Corp. received a notice from the shipowner of EVER GIVEN that the chartered vessel ran aground in Suez Canal at around 8 am local time on March 23.

This accident occurred at 6 nautical miles from the southern entry of the Canal as the container ship proceeded northbound through the waterway from the Red Sea. Gusty winds of 30 knots caused the container ship to deviate, suspectedly leading to the grounding.

Evergreen has urged the shipowner to investigate the cause of this accident and work closely with Suez Canal Authority and related agencies to refloat the stranded ship as soon as possible.

EVER GIVEN is a 20,000 TEU-class container ship, currently leased by Evergreen Marine Corp. under a time charter agreement with the crew hired by the shipowner. The ship is currently deployed on a Far East-Europe service route.

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