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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Supply Chain Customer Updates

Due to the escalation of military conflict, World Wide Customs has suspended all services to and from Ukraine. The Ukrainian airspace is closed to civilian flights. The area is now defined as an Active Conflict Zone and EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has warned there are additional safety risks.

Moldova, southwest of Ukraine, also closed its airspace, while Belarus to the north said civilian flights could no longer fly over part of its territory. The Port of Odessa was closed by Ukrainian authorities.

Services to and from Russia are in operation but routings and lead time might be impacted.

KWE has a robust business continuity plan across all its EMEA Region offices and locations relying on options such as the use of alternative carriers, re-routings, etc. In the weeks ahead, we know that you will need KWE to support you, your business, and your customers’ transportation needs.

The military conflict is exerting additional pressure on an already strained transportation industry. The evolution of government actions and changes in circumstances from military action have been unpredictable and fast-moving. Forecasting future movement in cargo carrier capacity has become erratic due to the fluidity of the situation created by factors beyond our control.

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