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Canadian Tarriff Finder in our menus

New Canadian Tarriff Finder Link in our menus

We have added  the to our Tools  menu, making this handy tool easily accessible for our clients.

How does it work?

The Canada Tariff Finder enables Canadian businesses to check import or export tariffs for specific goods and markets, with a focus on countries with which Canada has a Free Trade Agreement.

The tool shows the tariff rates generally applicable to all nations. It also shows the preferential rates applicable to Canada when a Free Trade Agreement is in place, including the phasing-out period of such tariffs when applicable.

The tool can also be used to compare tariffs for up to three different countries or products. It simplifies this search by suggesting products that match the keyword(s) or Harmonized System (HS) code entered. At the end of the search, the results can be printed or received by email

The Canada Tariff Finder is the result of collaboration between BDC, EDC and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service of Global Affairs Canada.

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