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GCL DeltaPort Container Terminal

Deltaport Update – Feb 2018

Delta Port: Congested yard/backlogged rail traffic. As per Delta port loading schedule, Chicago/Calgary load daily, Detroit/Memphis load Friday/Saturday, Montreal load Saturday/Tuesday, Toronto load Friday/Sunday. Edmonton units are trucked to CN VIT for loading to train. Units with 7 / 8 days dwell are expected to load out early next week. 12% of IPI volume loaded on rail had over 7 days dwell in the recent 35 days.
  • GCT Deltaport moved out 16,592′ rail cargo on average this week. The low average figure is due to it’s halt of operation last Friday afternoon due to power outage and the stop on 23rd midnight due to tsunami warning. Average Dwell: CN/6.98 days, CP/3.21 days.
  • GCT truck-out volume is around 100-250 units (8,000′) to CN &CP ramp on a daily basis. CN’s trucking is only 50 on Tue/Wed as restricted by their car availability, it has since been increased after Wed.
  • DPW Centerm’s average productivity this week is around 29.2 moves/hr. GCT Vanterm’s CN rail dwell time is 9.65 days.
  • GCT Deltaport yard utilization is around 70% last week.
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