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Yantian Express- HAPAG Lloyd

Fire Onboard EC5849E Yantian Express Onroute to Halifax

We would like to advise you regarding a fire onboard ED5849E YANTIAN EXPRESS during her sea passage en route to Halifax, Canada. On January 3rd, a fire broke out in a container that subsequently spread to other containers. As of the evening January 6th, a tug left St. John’s in order to tow YANTIAN EXPRESS to Halifax. It was expected to reach the location of YANTIAN EXPRESS on the evening of January 6th.
Based on the latest information, we would like to inform you of the current situation as follows:
  1. Based on the ship operator’s notice this morning, the fire has not yet been extinguished due to poor weather conditions. All crew have been evacuated to a firefighting vessel due to potential hazardous cargo on board while the firefighting is ongoing.
  2. The impacted containers still cannot be identified for the time being. It is not known how many containers and rows are on fire, or how many containers contain hazardous goods.
  3. The ship operator will send out an updated NAM coastal schedule once more information becomes available.
WorldWide Customs will continue to monitor this situation and will post development regarding affected containers or revised sailing schedules when more details are received.  See also CBC story
Please contact your local WorldWide Customs representative with any inquiries you may have.
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