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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update – Jan 30

As we are encountering daily information flow on the subject matter, it is our intention to provide you with accurate information that can reflect present market condition, which might affect our normal flow of logistics operations.

In view of the World Health Organization, the have declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus to be a public health emergency of international concern, we are continuing to observe the latest news before we can add on to the below already announced information.

Here are the present situations

  1. Further to the Central China (Shanghai and surrounding area) holiday extension to the 09th Feb, South China region (Shenzhen area) also followed, most factories remains closed, while some of the factories will remain shut down until 22nd.
  2. Wordwide Customs offices in both Central / Southern China will be opened on the 10th Feb, while offices in the Northern China province is operational on the 03rd.
  3. Hong Kong temporarily close some of its borders with mainland China, while the flow of cargos remains operational via HKG / SZX border, however; we do expect congestion on traffic flow arriving both airline terminals and sea freight CFS as half of the Hong Kong customs entry points are closed.
  4. Wordwide Customs Hong Kong office is fully operational and reported that there is no immediate service impact on export cargoes.
  5. 34 airlines have canceled flights to China (to name a few, British Airways, Cathay Pacific airways American airlines, Air France, Air India, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, Delta, Eva Air, etc.)
  6. Flight cancellations from these airlines will last till end of February until further notice.
  7. Steamship lines have announced blank sailings with frequent updates on an on-going basis.
  8. All Chinese customs offices are operational from the 03rd Feb onwards, while some offices only operate 3 hours a day or under alternative day schedule depending on location.

We are continuing our communications with our Chinese offices via many channels and I am sure we will be able to provide more valuable information towards assisting your logistics decision to be made.

In the interim, please connect with your Wordwide Customs account manager as they will be getting the latest updates whenever there is one either from our corporate office or our Chinese offices with details.

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