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Cargo Operations Stay Impacted At Shanghai Airport, Though Passenger Flights Operate Normally.

Cargo operations stay impacted at Shanghai Airport, though passenger flights operate normally.

A total of five staff members with Covid-19 were identified among the 80,000 who were screened over the weekend at Shanghai-Pudong International Airport. Passenger flights continue operating normally as officials have reassured the public of a strict separation between services, but a significant portion of cargo handling operations remain affected. Staff quarantine protocols are still in effect, reducing service handling capabilities.

Staff quarantine protocols are still in effect, reducing service handling capabilities at cargo terminals and warehouses. A nine-point guideline issued by Shanghai Customs on August 23 has also been implemented, delegating disinfection responsibilities to carriers and their agents.

Minimum uplift lead times for outbound shipments have increased to seven days, while inbound shipments are delayed by up to one day before they are received at KWE’s bonded warehouse.

Business Continuity Plans have been implemented for client shipments departing and en route to Shanghai. While KWE strives to mitigate any further delays, such plans may involve alternative transport modes and routes, which may affect overall transit time.

Updates will be published as soon as they are available; affected clients should contact their KWE global account manager or a local World Wide Customs Brokers representative for more information.

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