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Customs Services

We can provide the following customs services:

Canada Customs Clearance

Getting goods into Canada needs to be handled quickly and efficiently for today's fast-paced business world. With our years of experience, WE focus on customs regulations and internal customs compliance programs, ensure adherence to preferential tariff rules, and provide improved information management.

U.S. Customs Clearance

Shipping goods across the 49th parallel into the United States requires a careful knowledge of the rules and regulations. The processing is sometimes complicated -- not simplified -- by NAFTA. If the goods have originated in a country other than Canada (shipped directly or through Canada), we will process those properly, too. We'll make sure that your shipment is expedited to get to its destination quickly, and with the lowest applicable duties.

We'll also help to ensure compliance with the rules of other US federal agencies (besides US Customs). For example:
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (fruits and vegetables)
  • U.S. Department of Transportation (automobiles, motorcycles and parts)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (pesticides, motor vehicles)
  • Internal Revenue Service (liquor and cigarettes)
  • Federal Communications Commission (electronic appliances, computers, etc.)

Other International Customs Clearance

  • We can make arrangements for customs clearance through any of our offices worldwide.
  • TA Carnet Services to expedite the customs processing and liability associated with temporary imports / exports
  • Compliance with import / export regulatory affairs - Import / Export Permit Application processing

Link to Canada Border Services Agency regulations & Interpretation or call your nearest World Wide Customs Brokers office for more info.

Duty Drawback

When goods are duty-paid and shipped outside the country again, especially as components in a larger piece of equipment, you may be entitled to a refund of some or all of the duty paid. We can facilitate this process and save your company significant amounts of money. World Wide Customs Brokers will help you process past claims to which you may be entitled, and implement processes to ensure that new claims are processed promptly when you qualify for a refund. For those companies doing business in Europe, we can also help with European VAT recovery.

Duty Deferral

Duty deferral is similar to duty drawback, but better for your business's cash flow. When you are importing certain qualified goods which are to be re-exported, we can apply for a duty deferral authorization. This saves you from pre-paying duties, only to have to wait for the government to issue you duty drawback payments.


In today's fast-paced world, sometimes new goods don't fit into a neat classification. Where there is a choice of categories, the discretion of the customs official can have a big impact on your duty-paid cost and your competitive position. We can reduce this risk by getting rulings before you cross the border with a shipment. If imported goods have had a higher-than-expected duty rate levied, we can appeal for a ruling by providing appropriate information to substantiate a lower rate.


Today's climate of efficient government means that processing is expedited based on the paperwork provided. That gets your goods across the border faster, but doesn't end your customs exposure. The government reserves the right to a post-clearance audit (similar to the way Revenue Canada can audit a tax return after it has been filed). We're familiar with the process and the various rules & regulations. We can help you prepare and present information when you are being audited.


Our in-house consultants offer an extensive range of services to help you minimize duty liabilities, maximize duty refunds, exemptions, & deferrals, and ensure compliance with Customs and federal agencies. We can also help you take greater advantage of NAFTA and other tariff preference programs and ensure that you are compliant in the new AMPS Customs regime.

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